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May 8th - June 28th 2015


Cycle of life



Ted Barr’s technical mastery of this ancient medium—painting—has gained his international recognition. He is represented by Dacia gallery in NYC, Luminarte gallery in Dallas and Frame of mind gallery in Toronto and now we proudly have his works and presence at Alessandro Berni Gallery in Perugia.

Each exhibition by Ted Barr is a continuation of an unfolding larger story inspired by the images of deep space as by the photography of sperm and ovum. His theme as above so below tries to merge the smallest and biggest formats and structures in the universe, in order to explore resemblance and parallels between galaxies and embryos.
Ted Barr’s work explores the nature of that atavistic information called life expressing impenetrable senses, revealing internal tautness and the tension between contending forces. His canvases, filled with oil, tar, acrylic, in which spontaneity compete with structure, disclose a vigor and vivacity continuing to develop and expand his visual vocabulary.


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