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Vanessa Stelling


A New Earth


Curated by Stefania Carrozzini


Opening Reception: October 13th 6:30 - 8:30 pm


October 13th - October 31st 2018


Hours: by appointment only



c/o Alchimia - Open Space for Arts

Via dei Priori, 77

Perugia 06123






Vanessa Stelling has been working for years on the deepening of concepts concerning the forces that bring us back to the spiritual dimension, to the frequencies and energy of the vibrational world, in a symbolic, poetic and philosophical tone. 


Stelling believes that the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies of the self share equal value as they play their part in making us multi-dimensional beings; each one requiring vital energy in order to be nourished and to evolve. Her creative investigations reflect her yearning for a new world in which humans have evolved, reached higher levels of consciousness and are naturally following principles of universal harmony. 


This new world has nothing to do with a new order, with an organized system that exercises control and pursues growth in the form of profit. This intention would only continue to place humans at odds with the balance that reigns in nature. “Human and Nature with the united soul will build a new world", Joseph Beuys often repeated. It is precisely in this reunification, in this return to the origin that the creative act is accomplished, the authentic symbol of renewal. 


All these arguments allow us to reflect on what the work of Vanessa Stelling consists of. At the center there is always the knowing that freedom is every being’s birth right; that humans always have choices and therefore create their own reality. This awareness is conveyed in her drawings and paintings as every decision in the creative process plays an integral part in the manifestation of the work. 


The structure of Stelling’s works, whether they are drawings or paintings, places the sphere at the center, a symbol of perfection and of the divine. These colorful spheres seem to float in magnetic fields; sometimes they attract each other and eclipse, other times they drift apart.


Macrocosm and microcosm, from the cosmos to the cell, all meet and make us feel that all is one; all participate in the same laws and belong to the same substance of the cosmos. In the infinite circumstances a dialogue is always established that opens new perceptions of the world around us and invites us to explore unknown spaces, whether they are physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. 


The painting of Vanessa Stelling is imbued to the last with this vital energy - an energy that is the primary instrument, inspiring its intimate identity as a human being, as a woman and as an artist. The dynamism of her work is manifested in the register of color and geometric form, softened by the emotional sphere that ultimately always has the last word. 


The formal choice of spheres is not accidental; they are used viscerally as the solar form of consciousness. Following its path, everything originates in the nucleus, whether it is a cell, a being or a sun. The same individual is a nucleus, with its potential for perfection and completeness, and the birth of a new earth and a new era can only be the result of the evolution of the individual in relation to the multitude. Art is the principle of transformation that repels the darkness of chaos, and the new fruition of art cannot ignore the birth of the new human being.


Stefania Carrozzini

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