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One work


Opening Reception: October 31st 6:00 - 8:00 pm


October 31st - November 27th 2016


Hours: by appointment only










The One Work Project



The Tony Vaccaro exhibits’ plan has been designed with the purpose of offering the visitor with an oasis for concentration, a phase of his day in between his daily overdose of news, images, events, talks, actions and every other sort of input; this is a visual response to censorship as it is represented by the combination of an excess of noise, or the dangerously intense dark-side of the world of communication of today, that also includes the world of today’s arts.


The “matchbox” ideated by semiologist Umberto Eco, which he transposed back in 2012 into a famous internet initiative against censorship from excess of noise, has been the prime inspiration to this curatorial project. In his brief writing, he exposed the Internet as a place where selected and trustable news are in the same league of pranks and untrustable information; the Internet has in itself a core of sub-cultural approximation affecting every attempt at knowledge transfer.


Going from there, the One work project brings artists, spaces and artworks to the public, in the pursuit of hosting a much needed dialogue based on excellence, listening and silence; further, it aims at creating an aesthetic of the zeitgeist alongside with his present time’s alter egos.


Alessandro Berni

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