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June 7th - July 25th 2013





With quiet obsession, Hang Hong Park has chosen to set the perennial rain that now inhabits his palette in urban spaces. His works seep forth with a metropolitan identity whose favourite subject is the emptiness of the roads, lives in incognito of those crossing them. Everything dowsed in the constant, life-giving, generating rain. His single-themed approach successfully inspires patience, or even wisdom, the optimistic search for a symbolic rebirth that the water  that falls in a primordial fashion from the sky represents.


Hang Hong Park's realism starts out from photographic shots as "any old" tourist, within which it is inevitable to meet what has already been seen, and therefore has the gift of transforming and becoming unique with a wet veil able to envelop and transfigure any subject and object depicted. His works are rain that soothes the thirst of the tarmac, the mouths of those observing; they add a sense of slowness, find light in reflections; they delicately recall the excitement of a life that slips as water through our fingers.


Able to wash away the hectic actions and minds that cross the urban areas depicted, Hang Hong Park's art incessantly deals with the anonymity of those living there, softening and warming the neurosis of what is depicted as the gaze of those met.


In each painting, rain and roads are used as a level, impartially siding with those who are good and those who are not. Inexorably, faced with his overall work, what we find ourselves before is perhaps Godot, doubtless glimpses of the vacuum of his own super-ego.


Alessandro Berni


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