KUTI / SIlvia Martínez

"I am a fine art photographer and making art is my passion.


I simply love creating.


I am not conscious of my creative process. It is a magical force that grows inside me and I never know what direction it will take. This is not a constant process but sometimes while I'm experimenting, something special happens that pushes me further to continue creating.


I take pictures of things around me that I love, that I find beautiful or that make me feel deep emotions.


Those images are the starting point of my creative process.  Choosing the paper to print them out and experimenting with different materials and alternative techniques, gives me the satisfaction of creating something with my own hands to give a new life to the images.


In this artwork I combine photography printed in different Japanese papers with encaustic medium (mixture of bee wax and damar resin) that sometimes makes the image blurry or translucent depending on the technic I use.  Some other times I use wood and iron.


Beauty, nature, simplicity, silence . . .   calm my mind and through this serenity I find a space between my thoughts where I connect with myself."