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One work


Opening Reception: September 16th 6:00 - 8:00 pm

September 16th - October 1st 2016

Hours: by appointment only





The ALESSANDRO BERNI gallery in collaboration with ALCHIMIA/Open Space For Arts is pleased to announce One work, Michelangelo Pistoletto’s solo exhibition.


The work selected for this exhibition is part of the “Fractals” series: irregular mirrors, each one different from the other in shape or color, in which the viewer, the protagonist, is reflected— but the portrait as demonstrated by the twentieth-century conception of immobility becomes mutable, liquid, and while remaining faithful to itself, changes endlessly, incidentally. This sense of randomness is expressed by a series of numbers in the center of the surface. The concept of “self- similarity” refers directly to fractals, both as a natural phenomenon and as mathematical systems. 

The mirror paintings constitute the foundation of Pistoletto’s subsequent research and artistic production, as well as his constant and parallel theoretical reflection. 

The history of the mirror is also the history of man with his own image, with his own double. In the unity of truth and appearance, the intimate and collective dimension, making us see that which goes beyond our spatial and temporal limits, Pistoletto forces us to confront ourselves and leads us, finally, into the space of revelation and knowledge. 


Arianna Alessi



The One Work Project


Michelangelo Pistoletto’s One work is the first in a series of exhibitions which will each host one unique work.


The exhibits’ plan has been designed with the purpose of offering the visitor with an oasis for concentration, a phase of his day in between his daily overdose of news, images, events, talks, actions and every other sort of input; this is a visual response to censorship as it is represented by the combination of an excess of noise, or the dangerously intense dark-side of the world of communication of today, that also includes the world of today’s arts.


The “matchbox” ideated by semiologist Umberto Eco, which he transposed back in 2012 into a famous internet initiative against censorship from excess of noise, has been the prime inspiration to this curatorial project. In his brief writing, he exposed the Internet as a place where selected and trustable news are in the same league of pranks and untrustable information; the Internet has in itself a core of sub-cultural approximation affecting every attempt at knowledge transfer.


Going from there, the One work project brings artists, spaces and artworks to the public, in the pursuit of hosting a much needed dialogue based on excellence, listening and silence; further, it aims at creating an aesthetic of the zeitgeist alongside with his present time’s alter egos.


Alessandro Berni

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