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My installations incorporate a variety of materials that include cement, silicone, textiles, cardboard, and paper.


I am inspired by the nature of materials that we consume and dispose of, which resonate on a personal and social scale. Through reconfiguring ordinary materials into unexpected combinations, my work addresses a space in which physical, intellectual, and material concerns exist in tension with one another while eliciting a multiplicity of conceptual references. These include the commodification of the body and emotions, the tension between the physical and the technological, the irreproducible and the commercial, the original and the copy, the permanent and the consumable or even the disposable.


Themes related to notions of spirituality, scientific progress, mass production, and consumerism come to the foreground in many of my installations. These are constructed out of found fabric scraps, plastic trash bags and other recyclable materials including remnants of sheets, old t-shirts, paper towels, vinyl, which are reconfigured into structures simultaneously reminiscent of viscera and lush vegetation.


Black Trash bags are shredded, braided, twisted and knitted and morph into a spectacle of spiral patterns and curlicues reminiscent of baroque decorative motifs. My goal is to elucidate an unexpected beauty from the transformation of mundane materials and to displace the familiar or the mediocre, giving way to the surprising. Notions of beauty are displaced in a to and fro that escapes identitarian prescriptions as familiar aesthetic patterns and materials are reorganized and redefined. The work points to a search for what makes us commonly human and not merely living creatures or even products.


Borinquen Gallo

Borinquen Gallo