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Buy The Dip is the winner of
ABG Artist Residency Award's 2nd edition


«Art is consistently a response to an absence, residing within the mental framework of disruption.
But what happens when the one lacking is the artist?
If the rupture pertains to the future, replaced by the interweaving of our hearts

distancing themselves from machines, what transpires?

A machine lives without vitality. Without vitality, a drawing created by so-called AI lives.

Every AI product is plagiarism without punishment. The maximum punishment is the presumed innocence.
From this abominable action, my art is born, to which I have chosen to deny everything, even my name.

The subsequent process was contemplation: to look at my non-works and reflect on how to

impose my experiences, my defeats, and above all, my last vitality.

In the silence that legalized the abuse of technology, my recent gestures.

Humanity is at a minimum.»

- buy the dip

To view Buy The Dip's works, please visit his profile.




Buy The Dip's show



April 4th - April 27th

VIP Opening Reception: April 4th, 6-9pm

Gallery Visits: TUESDAY - SATURDAY, 11am - 7pm


520 W 24th st,

New York City, USA

NY 10011

For more info, please email us at

See you there!

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